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    Social Media is the life and success of the world’s business.

Welcome to Accelerated Retention Institute

ARI has stepped into the education arena to venture where few others have gone; yet, where there is such an overwhelming need. ARI brings a focused education practice that affirms the presence of both practicality and up-to-date knowledge on the ever-changing Social Media world.

Digital Marketing

Ecommerce Surge

Online Sales in the U.S. Are Forecasted to Reach $523 Billion by 2020, Up 56% from $335 Billion in 2015

2020 $523b
2015 $335b

Step into the Path of Digital Marketing

Our uniquely designed courses, taken singly or as a full suite, will immerse you into the practical application of social media at a business level. Take your first, or your next step into digital marketing, ecommerce, and social media advertising with our collection of courses.

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