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about Accelerated Retention Institute

Welcome to Accelerated Retention Institute. ARI has stepped into the education arena to venture where few others have gone; yet, where there is such an overwhelming need. ARI brings a focused education practice that affirms the presence of both practicality and up-to-date knowledge on the ever-changing Social Media world. With the success of creating its Social Media training inventory, ARI is now in the midst of expanding into the world of Cyber Security, a field critical on a global scale to both large and small businesses.

What Makes ARI Different?

ARI is driven by the desire to bring education to two distinct niches, each of which is growing rapidly yet being underserved. One, is the student who demands to learn how to apply social media into a business context while doing so rapidly and without all the extra “fluff” and time that traditionally goes along with education. Second, is the business (large and small) in need of quickly getting staff up to speed in skills that are taught with both academic rigor and up-to-date techniques.

At the core of what ARI believes, develops, and practices is the creation of teaching methods that must involve several key components. These are practicality supported by experience vs. just theory; engagement and relevance while learning; and, active, persistent measurements to increase knowledge retention during and after the courses.

A specialty of ARI has been to research the current and constantly changing landscape of the social media world. This includes both technology, societal changes, routine platform changes, and regulatory requirements. The fast-paced nature of social media has been an obstacle to successful teaching with educational entities. ARI has come to specialize on keeping its finger on the pulse of these changes and, maintaining the network of currently practicing professionals that are vital to its teaching.

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