Circleville, May 3, 2018

Ohio Christian University Announces Digital Marketing Micro Credential Program

Ohio Christian University (OCU), a 70-year-old higher education institution offering education that develops students intellectually, professionally, and spiritually, in partnership with education and technology leader Accelerated Retention Institute (ARI), today announced a first-to-market digital marketing and e-commerce micro-credentialing course designed to address training for the overwhelming demand for digital marketing jobs in the US and abroad.

The ARI Digital Marketing and E-commerce Micro-certification course is designed to be a complete immersive program offering 20 days of intense study. Accelerated Retention Institute (ARI) deploys advanced learning, video-based technology giving students flexibility in how they receive the education. Students use three delivery methods: 1) Live instruction at Ohio Christian University Business Innovation Center (OCUBIC) or one of its affiliate sites, 2) Live-streamed instruction to their office or home, and 3) On-demand training with courses taken as the student’s time permits.

Upon course completion, students may apply to receive 4 college credits with OCU that can be applied toward an OCU B.A. degree and will receive an ARI certificate of completion. Anyone may participate in the program without being an OCU student. “Upon discovering the ARI micro-credential, we knew this program would advance our workforce development priority while simultaneously placing valuable, skilled digital marketing professionals where they are needed most,” says Craig Brown, Director & Vice President of Entrepreneurial Development for Ohio Christian University.

Jack Holloway, President of ARI, states, “The success of our students is measured in their ability to get digital marketing results for their employers or clients. Having instructors who work daily in the industry guarantees our students the most current up-to-date methods that create results.” Courses include the following: Social Media Presence, Internet Marketing Tools, Mobile Videos and Photography, YouTube Marketing, Facebook 101 – 301, Instagram Marketing, SEO, Google Adwords 101 and 201, Social Media Marketing Strategies, and more.

Demand for digital marketing jobs has nearly doubled in the last five years, according to Burning Glass Technologies, August 24, 2017 (https://www.burning-glass.com/blog/demand-digital-marketing-skills-doubles/). The article states that digital marketing skills carry a nearly $7,000 salary premium over other marketing roles and that digital marketing jobs take 16% longer to fill. Five years ago, Ohio Christian University realized that southern Ohio was severely underserved with respect to entrepreneurial resources, so that it could serve the growing demand in areas like digital marketing. As a solution, OCU created OCUBIC, the Ohio Christian University Business Innovation Center. The OCUBIC fosters and supports an ecosystem of entrepreneurship, venture acceleration, job creation, and workforce development by providing access to flexible space, training, mentoring, resources, and other business services in the achievement of increased regional economic prosperity.

“Digital marketing changes so fast that by the time the ink is dry in a textbook the information is out of date. ARI is the first dynamic, digital marketing curriculum I have seen taught by real practitioners using real-time information. Hosting the first-ever micro-credentialling program at OCUBIC is in line with our mission to supply workforce development to Ohio businesses,” explains Brown.

The first social media and e-commerce micro-credentialling course begins July 16, 2018 and is open to a limited number. OCUBIC has dedicated 80 seats for students on campus. Distance learning capacity is 300 students. “Interest in the program has been overwhelming. Our goal is to deliver a high-quality program that yields immediate results for students,” states Holloway. The next course is scheduled for late fall 2018.

For more information go to: edu.acceleratedretention.com/ocu