Focusing on 21st-century skills such as digital marketing and social media marketing, instructors deliver an online and live course experience that is structured around real-world projects that get people ready for your future in digital marketing.

Accelerated Retention Instructors

Never before in the history of digital marketing education has there been a more esteemed, experienced and sophisticated team of educators assembled under one roof. Each one of our faculty is rated by their peers as “best-in-class” and a mega-successful practicing professional within the core competency that they teach. Empowered with current, relevant and advanced knowledge within their specialty, our Master Mentors transfer knowledge to our students so they can enjoy similar success and a rapid return on their tuition investment.

Shaina Weisinger

Realizing the market need for businesses to be able to create consistent video for their digital ...


Lisa Ann Stock

Facebook Advertising Maverick and multiple 6-figure Business Owner - Lisa Anne is one of the most ...


Heather Ferris-Lehman

Chief Social Media Officer Heather has been in marketing for 10 years, with the past eight spent ...


Jeffrey Freedman

As a Chief Digital Officer (CDO) for Startup Growth Advisors, Jeffrey Freedman serves as the intersection point ...


Matthew White

A true king of both online and mobile advertising, web development, and management solutions ...


Amber Lee

Amber is a real-life success story in the world of Digital Marketing. As a young single mother, she began to look for a way to ...


Tom Rusling

A 'word person' by nature, he has invested on the front side of his career in developing strong analytical, quantitative, and ...


Terry Kurtzer

Terry raised his part-time income 1100% in one year without buying ads, spending about an hour a day identifying, creating ...