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Our Teaching Style

Effective teaching must adapt to the culture that has shaped the learners before they have ever even reached the classroom. Today’s technological influence is significant on all societal demographics. This influence has not only been identified by ARI but, has been leveraged into its curriculum design and teaching methods.

Every course is designed to not only engage the students but, to maintain their attention throughout the learning experience via microlearning. At its core, microlearning creates many mini-sessions of learning where each is subject to its own round of assessment. The continuous and repeated sessions of mini-assessments have two critical learning outcomes: Immediate feedback to both learner and instructor and, persistent attentiveness by the learner from one micro-session to the next. This engagement and attentiveness breeds knowledge retention; and, knowledge retention fosters success.

To solidify that knowledge retention, each class employs activity-based training that puts the learned information to immediate use. Instead of waiting until all the training has passed, students apply their new knowledge in class. While using the hands-on technique, students are also required to practice a vital aspect of learning: The best way to learn is to teach. Thus, students are divided into groups that promote teaching and creative sharing.

A critical aspect of our teaching style makes use of an age-old truth but, with an improvement. ARI uses the proven professionals in their fields to teach the related courses. And! ARI, continually works with those professionals to keep tabs on the constantly changing environment that defines social media and cyber security. ARI has built a feedback loop to make sure all curriculum is routinely evaluated and updated to remain current despite the volatile nature of these ever-changing topics.

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