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Products and Program Information

Up until recently, ARI has focused primarily on the world of social media that has become permanently imbedded into nearly every aspect of large and small business as well as in marketing and communication.

Through continued research into social media, a second, and even larger professional market, has come to the drawing board of ARI: Cyber Security. Allied closely with social media, the perpetual reliance of technology with social media naturally leads to the protection of that technology, the networking, and the authorized access of information. Coming this fall of 2018, ARI will be releasing an even more expansive core of training that uses the same academic and technological training methods.

learn how to become a social media manager

Social Media and E-Commerce Management 4 Credit Hours

Businesses of all sizes worldwide realize that a social media presence is no longer an option, it is mandatory. In 2017, ecommerce sales estimated at more than $400 billion and a growth rate several times that of total retail, it is surprising that at least 1/3 of all small businesses have no websites and almost ¾ of those who do still have no ecommerce. So, understanding the need for experience in social media and ecommerce is a must.